Friday, February 6, 2009

Before and After

Press Release : This project was selected to be featured on Reno & Decor Nov '09 issue!

Black and white...these are simple colours but combine well for a masculine environment. Today I'm writing about using black and white for a bachelor's pad. This client prefers warm and cozy lights for a relaxed environment. The concept is modern minimalist with least effort in maintenance.

The Kitchen

This kitchen will use lots of black aluminium framed glass with coated glass used in between the wall and base cabinet units. The overall look will be glossy elegant black. To tone down the over-powering black, the 4-inch solid surface top shall be white.


The Black and White theme carries until the bedroom. An interesting idea came from the houseowner who wanted the wall-hung storage cabinet for CDs and players to be BOTH ACCESSIBLE from the living hall as well as the bedroom !

This kitchen costs :

a. Black coated glass doors, aluminium edges, aluminium profile handles
Wall unit - RM 2,350
Base unit - RM 5,605
Tall unit - RM 2,128
b. Tap : Dorex RM 150
c. Gas lift (6 x RM30) RM 180
d. Aluminium framed frosted glass doors RM 360
e. Coated glass in between wall and base RM 1,188
f. Solid surface top - Acelite RM 3,520
g. Solid surface sink (2 x RM600) RM 1,200

This Living Area costs :

a. 2-way access CD cabinet - RM 810
b. To hack and replaster wall for 2-way access cabinet - RM 450
c. Plaster ceiling - Light top ( 90FR at RM18 ) - RM1,620

This Bedroom costs :

a. Wardrobe in HPL sliding doors, anti-jump system RM 8,185
b. Backdrop with light and 2 side shelves RM 2,600


Anonymous said...

May I know what is the brand and model of the stainless steel refrigerator used in this kitchen. Love it so much. Please let me know. Thanks!!1

Lola Lim said...

Hi Anonymous,

This client has very good taste, he chose Fischer & Paykel. However I can't remember which model.

Anonymous said...

How much does the bathroom make over cost?