Thursday, February 26, 2009

Before and After

Press Release : This project was selected to be featured in Designer Concept Oct '09 issue simply for the reason that it's a very daring play of colours!

I love this home! The lady owner loves flamboyant colours and this experimentation of colours really makes this home very different from the rest. The pictures here show how exciting new colours can totally transform a tired looking second-hand condo.


This ardent diver loves to bring the colour of the big blue ocean into her bedroom. She asked to have an open bathroom by removing the door and removed the tired bathtub to be replaced with a shower.


The available wall space in the living area is for the owner's collection of books and memorabilia from her travels. As someone who is active and believes in nurturing the mind through reading during quiet time, she does not own a tv set so there is no need for a tv cabinet.


The owner loves brightness so we took out the kitchen door and replaced it with aluminium louvre door with wider gaps to allow plenty of fresh air and light. She chose not to use a separate dining table but to turn the island unit into something multi-functional - for dining, work-area with plug point for a laptop and with some storage beneath. Why want to have a breakfast counter, a work table and also a dining table when you can combine all and save premium space?


She removed the bathroom door to be replaced with frosted glass sliding to allow natural brightness in. For those who are hesitating…it's okay to have frosted glass as toilet door, no one can see inside.


A diver as well as a hobby photographer, she turned both walkways to the MBR and the other rooms into a display area for her photos.


Anonymous said...

I do find that it is impossible to get you guys for a job. Seems like you guys are really doing good business here. Made an appointment with you guys but only to get a SMS rejection just a day before the appointment takes place? More professionalism, perhaps?

zuedin said...

I fall in love with the interior design.


I wish I could be this BOLD as well! Its beautiful! But nope, not me. I prefer safer & more long term colors.

I have been reading your blog quite a while and emailed you as well, so yeah, have to wait till I get my keys right? Ok, ok, hopefully next month.

BTW, how much is your design fee for a 2.5 storey link house? Appreciate if you could email me at Thanks.

Lola Lim said...

Hi Anonymous,

We sincerely apologize for your annoyance.

Sometimes our work schedule cannot be predictable. We can be "a little free" for a couple of days and so we take in some new enquiries and proceed to make
appointments. Then if in any particular day, 2 or sometimes even 3 clients engage us all on the same day…all of a sudden we we can't cope with new enquiries anymore as we have to immediately start processing for the new projects. We realise that it's very bad customer service to cancel an appointment at the last moment and we are still looking for better ways to handle this type of situation.

Over the last few months, we were also receiving a different type of complaint - our sales manager didn't get back to people fast enough on their quotation. Throughout the whole year of 2008, demands for our service had been more than our capacity to produce. We made a grave mistake by accepting every enquiry, so much so that we do not have enough time to work out the quotation and proposal on time and in a responsible manner. We realise that we've bitten off more than we can chew. Starting Feb 09, we are limiting ourselves to only a few enquiries ( only urgent enquiries where the keys have been handed over ) a week.

We have also stopped letting people choose to be put on waiting list. We always had enquiries from people who say "I can wait until 1 month later". However we found this to be very unworkable. Waiting time makes people irritable and over the past few months we have been receiving brickbats from the same people who had initially asked to be put in the queue. Since Feb 09, we are no more letting people choose to be put on waiting list even if one wishes to.

Please accept our most sincere apologies. We are working hard to iron out these few kinks and are dedicating the year of 2009 for retraining of our workforce
so as to continue to improve our customer service. Indeed we are very thankful to be blessed with positive growth every year but we also realise that as we grow we must strenghthen and restructure our workforce.

Anonymous, we would like to thank you for forwarding your complaint here as this has made us aware what needs to be improved.

Lola Lim said...

Hi Family First,

At Meridian, we do not charge a designer's fee if the whole job is awarded to us. However in order to make this feasible, we request the customer to work along with us by :

1) Identifying their likes and dislikes beforehand.

2) No more than 3 times changes to 3D designs.

I have explained in depth how we are able to pass on cost savings without cost cutting on workforce wages and quality materials in my earlier posting " Helping Us Make Interior Design Affordable ".

Anonymous said...

hi Lola, i'm suprised about the situation & must be frustrated if i dont get you to advice & do the renovation for my new house. I've email you my request & my contact number (through your website)and hope to get your reply. Btw,
how long it took for this project to complete - from the 1st appt to final touch? Excellent job i must say. noradzul

denise said...


Would like to ask, how much is needed for the lovely yellow kitchen? Including the wet kitchen door. Could you please list out the price like you did before on the earlier post?
Thanks alot.


Dear Lola, I wonder if you are keen to visit my new home end of April? Do you still have the capacity to work on another new project immediately as I wish to move in 3 mths later. Location : Cheras Bdr Damai Perdana. Let me know, thanks.