Monday, January 4, 2010

Design for Kota Damansara

After working on so many glossy kitchens, this set of contemporary country look kitchen is a welcome change with its beautiful textured door facade.

Open Kitchen

We reclaimed the yard's toilet and converted it to an extension of the kitchen, hence it's become larger. A brick wall was put up and whitewashed for that rustic look. To create a rustic look, I would recommend buying lower grade bricks rather than premium grade bricks as these are "too perfect". Lower grade bricks ( or what our worker calls the longkang bricks! ) come with chippings and crack lines and these are what give them character.

White is a beautiful colour, the favourite colour of the lady owner. The husband's favourite colour is orange, the colour of energy and adventure - which really reveals his personality as someone who loves the outdoors with backpacking and diving as his passion. I spent quite some time admiring the unusual collection items from his off-the-beaten-track travels!

This island unit has slightly higher than normal skirting, with light illumination below to give it a "floating" illusion.

The Baby's Room

The condominium management did not allow any hacking through walls and did not provide any air-cond ducting for all other rooms other than the master bedroom. It's not a very friendly arrangement, so we created fake walls and ceiling to hide all the unsightly air-cond ducting.

The baby's room was totally in pale blue and pure white, giving the environment a cool and light look.

The Living Room

The living area was done in earthy colours for a warm and cozy look. No renovation was done here except for painting.

The Master Bedroom
I came at baby's feeding time, so it wasn't convenient to take pics of the room and the connecting bath. We don't want to disturb the little angel, do we?

The total renovation costs for this home is as follows :

Foyer shoe cabinet with umbrella compartment - RM1,335
Convert yard toilet to extended kitchen
and kitchen cabinets - RM28,790
Kitchen accessories - RM3,310
Master bedroom wardrobe and dresser - RM9,890
MBR bath renovation - RM11,310
Painting to ceiling and wall only - RM2,800
MS grille - RM4,600
Create additional room for study - RM2,370
Electrical, plaster board, misc. - RM9,899
Total renovation cost - RM74,304
* This time, I did not break down my costs into too much detail but just a general description of the work done in this home. This should be helpful enough to help you plan your renovation budget. - Lola


vialentino said...

nice design and the price is affordable

Ann said...

Hi Lola,

This is Ann from the renovation workshop. I love the kitchen!! as it is more of my look, classic look, european look...whatever they call it. Great job..thumbs up!!

Kitchen Renovations Toronto said...

That kitchen renovation is awesome!! The transformation is absolutely amazing! I love the modern feel of it, and the colors are a great choice!

Anonymous said...

Um... WOW! Your kitchen renovation is absolutely amazing. The orange wall looks fabulous.