Wednesday, March 2, 2011

An English Cottage in Puchong

Would you believe there's a small English cottage on the outskirts of Puchong? I could almost imagine smoke coming out from the chimney!

The owners built this weekend resort home for family members and invited friends to unwind on weekends.

Notice the snooker and game area built beside the main cottage.

This tiny "cottage" is built beside the main building. It's the Coffee Room - complete with a set of sofa for guests to relax in after a heavy dinner.

A large pond overlooks the main entrance to the cottage.

Lim accompanying Desmond during touch up on accessories.

This small kitchen is designed with Milano Oak Burnt White series to keep up with the English theme. Made with imported solid oak wood, the beautiful natural oak grain is tinted with an almost white paint finish, allowing the grain to be seen yet not too obvious. This set is our most popular rustic country style series.

This Milano Solid Oak set inclusive of imported American Corian top costs RM25,108.00
The Ariston electrical appliances cost RM7,645.00

This SGO leaded glass folding doors open up to the Prayer Room.

I just love this clock! It completes the whole country feel of the kitchen.

The lady owner of this house has spent many hours looking for loose furnitures and soft furnishings that complete the last touches of this lovely cottage.

My 2 days of work being based in this house during the kitchen installation was really a joy. While the installers were going about their work, I continued my paperwork overlooking the large serene pond with chirping birds all around. That's serenity!

This plaque summarizes what a home is all about : " A HOUSE IS MADE OF BRICKS AND BEAMS. A HOME IS MADE OF LOVE AND DREAMS ".


Anonymous said...

really nice..seriously.luv it!

Anonymous said...

Nice House.... I just stumble to your blog yesterday and enjoying reading it. My advice is, you better imprint your blog address to all your pictures so that anybody who wants to save your picture, they will always have your blog address.