Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Make Over Of Kitchen, Ampang

This project is to make over an old kitchen. This house is a subsale property in Ampang, a double storey link house. We were given the task to propose the extension of the backyard, tear down the old cabinets and to plan a new kitchen layout. Unfortunately we did not take any pictures of the kitchen before the renovation work.

 We had proposed an island unit as the kitchen is big enough after the extension. As kitchen planners, an island is ALWAYS our preferred proposal whenever space allows as :
1) An island is the most elegant.
2) With today's concept of an open kitchen, people like to gather around an island top whether during food preparation or during informal light meals.
3) It's no fun working facing the wall!

 As the owner has an existing microwave that is still fairly new, we had left sufficient space in the tall unit for her to purchase a built-in microwave in the near future. All the relevant wiring and switch point had been prepared for this eventuality.

Solid surface at sink area with raised side profile to prevent water from dripping to the floor.
This kitchen uses a combination of UV Gloss White and Rosemore Beech Laminate and costs RM18,775 with some accessories included.

"The pricing is reasonable as it was during the Homedec Promotion. I selected Meridian as I have faith in the Signature Kitchen brand that they carry. Meridian has helped me with advice on space planning and storage utilization. Yes, I would definitely recommend Meridian to my friends and family to help them with their kitchen makeover to maximise space usage.

In summary, I would describe Meridian as paying excellent detail to kitchen design and space maximisation."

Madina Zolkepli,
AmBank Bhd


Amnah Shurfa said...

Hi, your work is inspiring! Thanks for sharing!

Anne said...

Wow!Great job!This is a masterpiece!
But I think it will be more great if you have some photos of the kitchen before you renovate it so that we can more spot and differentiate it easily.But other than that, all are great. Thanks fro sharing and more power!

ADI said...

This is what I like in a kitchen! A clean, bright looking kitchen.

tonsulaiman said...

may i know, the cost include hood+hob or kitchen cabinet only? thank in advance