Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Choosing A Good Hood

For first time home owners, you're probably feeling baffled with so many items to purchase for your new home. Today I received a common question that many customers ask us.

" Dear Meridian Team,

I would like to ask your opinion regarding the difference between hood/hob brands like Rubine, rinnai, fagor, Teka, Zanussi, etc...

We know that every brand have their specialty, but we dont know which brand will suits our needs. Our concern is, our house has no separation between kitchen and living room, so we have to choose a very good hood to avoid smoke and the oil spread to the living room.

What is commonly recommended to your customer? We would be VERY HAPPY AND GRATEFUL =) if your team can give an idea/opinion on how to choose a good/quality kitchen appliances (esp hob and hood)

Thanks! Have a nice day everyone =) "
My reply was :
Hi xxx,

TQ for your email.

All those brands you mentioned are reputable ones so it doesn't matter so much what brand you choose. For a strong suction hood choose something of 1200 m3 suction power . Plan your ducting (to channel the hot air out of the house) as short as possible. The longer the ducting, the lesser the suction power. Similarly for each time the ducting bends, the suction power is reduced.

If there are no large windows in the kitchen, you'll need a ventilation fan to remove stale air. A ventilation fan does not serve the same purpose as a hood and so does not substitute the other.

Hope this helps.

Lola Lim 016-2926357 

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Please share more renovation works + cost with us. TQ