Friday, September 28, 2007

Planning to Renovate, the Designing Process and Design Fees

I feel the need to write this piece... because most ordinary Malaysians still do not know how to plan for their house renovation and do not know what to prepare before calling for an interior designer. The points below are derived from our official website .

Planning To Renovate ?

Before you call in your builder, it's worth thinking about how you want each room to be used.

The first thing to do is to ask around amongst friends for recommendations of architects, kitchen specialists, interior designers and builders. Also, look in design magazines to find the names of people or companies whose work you admire.

Obtain quotes from at least three builders to compare prices. Beware of the difference in prices! The cheapest quote is not necessarily the one you should choose; ask to see an example of the builder's work, and try to talk to previous clients.

Be specific when you are asking for quotes; put in as many details as possible. For instance, if you want a particular laminate, say so; otherwise the builder will almost certainly price the job on the cheapest available material. Be aware that the following terms all mean the same material : solid hard board, solid particle board, chipboard, miecomine board, melamine board. Also, plywood does not mean it is inferior as most people assume, knowing it's actually hollow inside. Most people are surprised when we tell them that plywood is more expensive than hardboard!

The work done by builders, kitchen companies, interior designers and architects vary enormously. Clarify exactly what can be expected of them - will they be supervising the job, for example, or merely drawing up plans.

The Designing Process

Firstly, we will ask for your floor plan and work out an estimation of costs for the project you wish to undertake. If the estimated cost meets the client’s expectations, then a meeting will follow to work out details of the design. Even if the initial estimated cost is not within the client’s budget, we would advice on how to minimize costs so as to keep everything within a specified budget. Cutting cost means using local and thereby cheaper accessories.

After the initial stage of determining a budget to work with, we would ask the client to furnish us with details on his tastes and preference of style and what he wants to use that specific area for. Only then can we propose a design that meets the needs of the homeowner. We would advice clients to read up on magazines and take note of designs that they like.

Upon confirmation of design, we would request a specified amount of deposit (non-refundable) to start the work. The time involved to deliver a project differs according to the size of the project and can take any time between 2 weeks to 2 months.

Design Fees

At Meridian Design, we use a powerful and photo-realistic 3-D software to help you visualize your new home. You will be able to see :

  1. Light points
  2. The ceiling of your choice
  3. How the wall colours and your furnishings blend in harmony
  4. How alterations to wall structures affect overall environment

These will be printed in full-colour on graphic paper and each view (meaning, per piece printed) will cost RM250. A special discounted price will be given if you were to appoint us to be your main contractor.

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