Saturday, September 29, 2007

Working with Whites

Today, I would like to write about an all-white room. White had always been one of my favourite colours.. I have SO MANY favourite colours!

Until you start to plan an all-white room or area, you may not realize that white comes in as many different shades, tones and tints as blue or green. There are whites that are greenish in colour, those that are backed blue, black or yellow. Then, since white picks up and reflects the light, it can vary by texture.

Working with a pure white palette is hard but always rewarding. Hard, because it's important to consider every single element in the space. You will need to get swatches of all the fabrics, samples of every paint and, before that, have your daylight and artificial lighting worked out. It is equally important to consider whether you want gloss, eggshell or matt, and where.

You can bypass some of these decisions by dividing whites into two categories: one based on blues and blacks, and the otherbased on browns and yellows. It's advisable to work with just one category. Currently, the greys are trendier, but the creams are always warmer.


  • The textures and tones of white evoke a calm and freshness that are at home in the city or anywhere else.

  • In a white room, everything fits in with everything else: when you want to rearrange it or buy more, there are few complications.

  • Add exhilaration to a white kitchen with piles of lemons or tomatoes, boxes of earthy potatoes and ropes of creamy garlic bulbs.

  • White is so clean and pure that it is the perfect antidote to strong colour.

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